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Hervé Busset harvesting plants

La Table d'Hervé Busset

Welcome to Hervé Busset's world

"I am nature’s mouthpiece; I want to share my passion for plants with you and encourage discovery of the world around us. I go out every morning to look for wild flowers and shoots myself, and I take a lot of care in choosing our local producers so that our guests can enjoy a combination of harmonious flavours day in and day out."

The restaurant’s opening hours are as follows: from 12pm to 1:30pm and from 7pm to 9pm. It is closed on Mondays all the day as well as Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes except Public Holidays.

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Wild gastronomy

"I think that each one of my dishes provides a harmonious combination of flavours that are weaved into every composition and menu that I create. My delicate and refined cuisine will take you on an amazing journey through nature from your very first bite.

Discover my passion for yourself with these suggestions for using wild plants in your cooking.

Garlic mustard: Use this in gravy to add a subtle garlic flavour. Ideal for adding flavour to Aligot, a French dish made from potatoes and cheese.
Cow parsnip: Use this when making caramel. It adds a subtle citrus flavour, and is ideal for accompanying Ségala Veal.
Purple betony: This can be added to soups from April to October. This plant looks like a nettle and has a characteristic musky smell when rubbed between the fingertips. Try it in a consommé.
Ground ivy: Great in custard. Its lemony, minty flavour goes perfectly with chocolate desserts.
Sweet clover: This plant has a subtle vanilla taste to add flavour to mousses, cream, etc.
Douglas fir: This plant’s surprising lemony flavour adds a unique taste to cream, the perfect accompaniment to Fontaine du Larzac salmon.
Plantain: Has a green nutty taste, which is very pleasant in salads.
Elderflower: These flowers, cooked in tempura batter and with a slight Muscat flavour, go nicely with Fario d’Estaing trout."

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Hervé Busset wine

Our wine cellar

A wine, a Terror, a story...

A wine, a Terror, a story... 

 A meeting with winemakers outsized and respectful of their terror who most use farming methods, in their sense of absolute respect for life, not adding fertilizer or pesticide synthesis.

 Same philosophy...

The best of our regional terror borders confidential and little-known wines but also essential and security labels. Known or atypical they are the result of a research by our wine waiter Fabrice Couturier plying the wine regions.

The cellar of the Restaurant Hervé Busset is ideally installed in the old part of the mill where the wheels were. This place provides an ideal temperature to optimize the conservation of our wines.

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