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Conques, a medieval town in the Midi-Pyrénées region

Conques, a small village of 300 habitants in Aveyron, is situated at the confluence of the rivers Dourdou and Ouche, and forms a shell-like settlement. It is said that this is how the village got its name, "conque" being the French for "conch".

Discover this authentic medieval village for yourself, and enjoy strolling through the little streets as you admire the exceptional Middle Age architectural heritage, which has been miraculously preserved. Take a journey back in time and space in this thousand-year-old village situated at the heart of one of the most beautiful natural sites in the department. In summer, visitors can even enjoy a 45-minute guided visit of the village.

Visit Conques
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As an important monument of the architectural heritage along St. James’ Way, the abbey church in Conques has the honour of housing a unique collection of Roman sculptures within its ancient vaults. Examples of such sculptures include the Last Judgment tympanum and illustrated pillars, illuminated by Pierre Soulages’ stained glass windows.

This treasure from the turn of the last millennium is the only one of its kind in Europe, and comprises many different gold and silver-plated reliquaries covered with enamel, cameos and gems, miraculously preserved throughout its history’s various trials and tribulations. It includes some of the oldest and most beautiful works remaining from the Middle Age. Guests can also visit the Soulages Museum, the Tribunes and the Joseph-Fau Museum.

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